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Tips for Choosing the Best Band Saw

A band saw is one of the commonly used woodworking tools that you can use for your DIY projects to help you meet your cutting needs. The following are some things to consider when choosing a band saw.

When you are shopping for band saws, you will need to choose between two models; the bench top band saw model and the floor model band saw. If you are looking to complete your woodworking project at home, the bench top band saw would be appropriate for you. However, if you are looking for professional results, you can choose the cabinet models as they have a larger motor and more features. They are also more stable than the bench-top models and this enable them to be used in heavy rip sawing.

Know the cutting capacity that is needed so you can shop for a band saw that is right for your requirements. Some of the things to examine include the throat and the depth of cut. The depth of cut is the distance between the table and the upper blade guide which is used to establish the depth of the material to be cut. On the other hand, the throat is that distance between the blade and the vertical frame section of the blade which determines the measurement of the width of cut that can be achieved by the saw.

Determine the size of motor that you want in order to power your band saw. Freestanding models are used in larger shops and for professional use because they have more power and variable speed motors. The horsepower of smaller bench-top models is around 3/4 to 1.

The saw blades may also vary depending with the material composition, width and the tooth pattern. The woodworker needs to select the best material of the blade such as carbon tool steel blades and bimetal blades. Also, choose a blade width that will match well with what you will be cutting and ensure that it work well for you. For the pattern, you can choose a regular tooth blade, skip tooth blade, hook tooth blade and variable pitch blade.

Consider the features of the band saw before making your final buying decision. Safety features that you should for include a tension control device to help you adjust the blade tension, an inbuilt dust collection port, and brakes on the pulley to minimise gliding when the band saw is turned off. You may also want to choose a band saw that is easy to maintain as this will contribute to its durability, smooth operations and top-notch cuts. However, it should not involve complicated maintenance, otherwise it will be difficult to care for your band saw.

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